Holidaying in the UK this year?

A great way to be able to take our fabulous meat with you to your staycation.

Choose from delivery to your home in our chilled packs


Have the box delivered to your holiday location, all we need is the postcode.

Staycation 2 Night Stay Pack (No. 3 to order)

Includes a great choice for, breakfast, lunch and evening meals.

Staycation BBQ Pack (No. 1 to order)

Great way of either taking our fabulous Staycation holiday family meat packs with you.

Staycation BBQ Pack (No. 2 to order)

Delivered ready in it's own cool box, stays cool for up to 72 hours

Staycation Family Pack (No. 4 to order)

On a caravan park or holiday let then just get a pack delivered straight to your staycation door.