Welcome to our Cook with Kids section

Let’s get the kids involved with great easy recipes for all the family to enjoy.

We are being a little sneaky shhhhh! don’t tell the kids that they will be eating lots of great tasty veg. We like to hide it wherever we can.

See their faces when they vegetables into a super tasty sauce for their pasta or pizza dish 🙂

Our aim is to help engage kids of all ages in the kitchen and maybe some adults too!

Happy tums and happy mums and of course dads.

Secret Veggie Sauce and Pasta

Up to 50% off your 1st order
How it works
1. Pick a plan
Choose how many you are cooking for and what meals you want
2. Receive your delivery
When you get your box open up and read through our special instructions.
Each meal is supplied with a step by step guide
3. Enjoy cooking with your kids
Not only will this be full of fun, but it will get the kids involved in learning how to prepare meals