Allergens & Dietary Requirements

Allergens & Dietary Requirements

We care about all our customers and aim to make your experience as simple as possible. We understand that it can be difficult for customers with dietary requirements and allergies to identify the right choices. To help you make the right choice we provide ingredients and allergy information on all our products. You can also access this information at the bottom of the website or contact us directly to ask any specific questions.

Our Meats

All produce is keep refrigerated in a designated area. Each produce has its own area within the refrigerated area to avoid contamination.

Our Seasoning and Glazes

We are aware of allergens requiring labelling. We take great care with our seasonings and glazes and store them sealed in a separate area to avoid any cross contamination.

Check the ingredients of all our seasonings to see any allergens clearly highlighted.

Our Pre-Prepared Meals

All products are produced in nut environments and accordingly may contain nuts or traces of nuts.

We partner with another business for our ready meals. We have identified where possible products contain allergens; however, we would advise customers with allergies to check the ingredients listed as well as the manufacturers and all labelling thoroughly.